About us

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank all our customers for your loyalty to our production. Speaking on my behalf and on behalf of all the employees of JSC “Roskar Poultry Farm” I can assure you that in the future we will go on providing safe and high-quality products.

The slogan of our company, “CREATING PERFECTION”, fully demonstrates our business philosophy – continuously improve the production technology and pay great attention to people’s preferences and tastes. Having once set the goal of manufacturing quality products which satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers we have been standing up to this challenge for more than 40 years.

Best regards, General Manager
of JSC “Roskar Poultry Farm”
Valery Goryachev



JSC “Roskar Poultry Farm” is a modern dynamically developing enterprise fitted up with advanced equipment used for manufacturing high-quality and healthy products which satisfy the requirements of the highest world standards.

The main strategic aim of the enterprise is the leadership in the quality of our products and constant investment in innovative technologies.

We see our social mission in creating the culture of hen’s eggs and poultry meat consumption as well as in promoting functional food. 

Along with that, by using only ecologically clean materials and up-to-date non-waste technologies the company strives for providing maximal environmental protection.

In 2017 “Roskar Poultry Farm” celebrates its 45th Foundation Anniversary. Since 1992 we have streamlined all the manufacturing facilities by fully replacing the obsolete equipment and putting into operation new poultry houses and whole manufacturing facilities. Due to that the Factory has become the leader of poultry enterprise with annual yield of more than 1 billion eggs.