1 kg of liquid egg yolks is equivalent to egg yolks of 55-56 shell eggs.


  • chilled pasteurized;
  • chilled pasteurized with salt additive;
  • chilled pasteurized with sugar additive;
  • chilled fermented with salt additive;
  • chilled fermented.

Manufacturing process: liquid egg yolks are pasteurized and then poured into aseptic packaging, which ensures the high quality of the product and significantly increases its shelf life. Liquid egg yolk could be produced with various additives (salt, sugar etc.) upon our customers’ requests. Fermented yolk is obtained by fermentation process, which makes the product thermostable.

Application: Production of various kinds of mayonnaises and sauces.

Storage conditions and shelf life:

28 days at a temperature from 0°С to +4°С.

Packaging: laminated cartons, net weight 1l; aseptic packs in corrugated boxes, net weight 20kg, 1000kg.

liquid egg yolk
Liquid egg yolk with
sugar additive
liquid egg yolk with salt
Solids weight ratio, not less than 43,0 % 43,0 % 43,0 %
Fat weight ratio, not less than 25,0 % 25,0 % 25,0 %
Protein weight ratio, not less than 15,0 % 10,0 % 10,0 %
Hydrogen ion concentration, рН, not less than 5,9 5,9 5,9
Salt, not more than 10,0%
Sugar weight ratio (if added), not more than 30,0%