The Egg

The egg is a mine of vitamins and minerals, one of the most valuable food products. A wide range of brand eggs enriched with useful elements.

One hen egg contains 7.7 grams of fat, including 3.5 grams of monounsaturates, which are very heart-healthy, 1.7 grams of polyunsaturates and only 2 grams of saturated fat. A similar combination may be found only in salmon or mackerel. As for cholesterol, its amount in the egg is two times less than in red caviar, while the amount of vitamins A and E is bigger than in many vegetables. In fact, the egg contains 12 main vitamins, including choline. In the concentration of vitamin В the egg comes second only after fish oil. Nutrition experts recommend eating eggs to those people who want to lose weight, as the egg is a low-cal product, containing a large quantity of minerals such as phosphorus, cuprum, cobalt etc., as well as folic acid and essential amino acids.

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