Chicken meat is a tasty, nutritious and digestible product which has almost always been a housewives’ favourite due to easy cooking. It is an excellent source of protein, iron and B vitamins. Chicken meat is dietary, as it is easily digested and contains less fat than red meat. Today chicken meat, in one way or another, can be found in most people’s diets.

“Roskar Poultry Farm” offers cooled and frozen chicken meat and ready-­­to-cook products to its customers.

Broilers raised at “Roskar Poultry Farm” have a thin streak of fat and big amount of white meat. Due to an ideal selection of feed, manufactured on the farm’s compound feed mill, as well as due to the absence of hormones and growth stimulators the meat obtains its delicate flavour and good dietary characteristics. Automated lines ensure precise daily feed consumption for the birds to achieve the best ratio of meat and fat. Due to the usage of state-of-the art equipment, slaughtering process at “Roskar” has been brought to perfection. Strict sanitary and veterinary quality control of all poultry meat manufacturing stages ensures full safety of the product.
While producing poultry meat, “Roskar Poultry Farm” does not use any water-retaining agents, preservatives or colouring agents.