The farm uses some of the most productive cross breeds — egg-laying Lohmann and meat-producing Ross. One-day-old chickens of the parent stock are delivered from Germany. The parent stock is kept in a separate area. Poultry-houses are equipped with automatic feeders, drinking bowls and a ventilation system that provides optimal temperature and humidity conditions, combined perforated floor and deep litter housing system, and automatic nests for hens. Breeder eggs are collected into special boxes three time per day, then disinfected and sent to the incubatory unit.
Great attention is paid to poultry feeding. The farm’s feed mill allows to prepare balanced
feed of guaranteed high quality. The mill produces more than 20 types of compound feed-stuff for all age and gender groups of egg-laying and meat-producing birds. Balanced feeding with a vitamin complex supplement allows to produce eggs with a hard shell, increased vitamin and carotenoids content, bright yolk and a perfect taste.

The company has carried out a full reconstruction of old poultry units, including the replacement of manufacturing equipment, which made it possible to double the livestock kept in the same premises due to fully computer-aided manufacturing. New units are being built using the ultimate technologies, which allow to decrease power consumption and labor input. Poultry houses are equipped with automated facilities for eggs collection, performance, feed and water consumption and ventilation records. Modern facilities host more than 3.5 mln. laying hens, which annually produce more than 1 billion shell eggs.
In 2012, the farm implemented aviary facilities, where laying hens are kept in conditions almost as close as possible to the natural ones.

Egg sorting facility is computer controlled and carries out the following operations:
• Washing eggs
• Removing eggs with both visual and hidden dents
• Sorting by weight categories
• Packing in various kinds of packages
The whole egg production process is fully automated: the first to touches to an egg after it has been laid by a hen is a customer who opens a box at home. To ensure the highest quality of egg sorting and packing, two modern egg sorting facilities with productivity of 180 thousand eggs per hour have been installed. The usage of automatic packing system has decreased the number of broken eggs.

Here, at “Roskar”, the first and one of the biggest egg processing facilities in Russia for deep processing of eggs was constructed. “Roskar” is one of the few poultry farms which manufacture liquid egg products in aseptic packaging with a long shelf life. There is a possibility to add various ingredients into eggs processing products upon the customer’s request.

Broiler chickens are grown using floor housing system, which allows to produce meat of higher quality. Poultry-houses have favourable microclimate parameters such as temperature, humidity, luminosity. Feeding, watering and ventilation processes are controlled by a computer system. 
A poultry slaughtering line with a capacity of 6000 broiler carcasses per hour was installed at the factory, and a meat processing facility makes it possible to produce a large variety of cooled and frozen ready-to-cook products.

The main goal of the company is to manufacture safe food products. It is attained through strict sanitary and veterinary control, carried out by qualified veterinarians and microbiologists on the modern equipment. 
The farm laboratory regularly performs physical and chemical analysis of production samples.
“Roskar Poultry Farm” was the first in Russia to be certified by HACCP Quality Control System, and in 2009 the company was certified by ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.

The company has the all the facilities to ensure high quality storage and prompt delivery of its products. The facilities include refrigeration installations for 1000 tons and storage rooms with permanently maintained temperature. Temperature settings ranging from 0°С to +4°С and from -18°С to -25°С
allow to maintain the consumptive qualities performance of both cooled and frozen products.
Warehouses located in the regions provide quick and timely delivery of goods and help to optimize the ordering system.